Delicious Food 


Delicious Food are the two words which define the romanian experience.

Romanian cuisine definitely has its own character and diversity and is wrapped in intense and amazing flavours.

Whether you choose our Romanian traditional food which is sensational or you prefer international cuisine, this country is offering you the best culinary experience .

Romanian cuisine is all about diversity, beautiful colors and unique methods of preparation which brings spectacular taste.

Every restaurant that we recommend has its own international recognized and experienced Chef.

Everything it’s up by your style and, obviously, preferences.

When you are coming to visit Romania, tasting a romanian dish is a must.

Tourists from all over the world are always impressed about our dishes.

Romanian people are putting a good price on the quality of food.

Bucharest also has become the city where variety in terms of places and restaurants is explored.

Here is a place where you can easily find and taste a lot of types of international food.

From italian, french, greek, turkish, hungarian to chinese and japanese food.

Restaurants in Bucharest are luxurious locations with a modern design, own style and also offers you the desired intimacy and very good service.

Everything is prepared by a known Chef and they are making sure that the preparation will be exactly how you expect.

Old City is one of the areas where you can easily choose a restaurant or pub where you can eat and have a good time.

If you want to have the perfect trip, we will take you in the wonderful world of our delicious foodland.

Through Concierge Services in Romania, you will discover a country that owns the most beautiful people and delicious food

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