Entertainment & Nightlife 


The nightlife in Romania is the best experience that you can have.

Bucharest is the city that exceed any expectation containing everything for everyone.

Romania is one of the best holiday destinations because is recognized for its highly active nightlife .

Discover that your trip to Romania is everything you imaged with a little help from our concierge company.

From exclusivist clubs, events, restaurants with V.I.P. access to great private parties, we will make sure that you will taste our appetizing nightlife in Bucharest.

Let us introduce you to the coolest parties, locals and nightclubs where you will have the time of your life.

If you wish an unique party for your birthday, bachelors’ party or an 1 to 1 romantic moment, we are here to accomplish it.

If you really want to see the concert with your favorite artist or be present to a particular event, we will make sure that you will be there.

Take advantage of our concierge services and party all night with good music, diversity and very nice people. 

Bucharest is like a chameleon. It changes completely by night and it will conquer even the most quietest people.

Most of the clubs in the summer time have the open swimming pools where the good parties take place in the open air.

We are offering you the best ways to spoil yourself with a variety of places where you can have fun, see spectacular shows with jungle lights and dance until sunrise.

The most modern and select clubs are having different types of programs and shows every weekend with fashionable music and people.

Be prepared to have a wonderful experience.

We are welcoming you to “The Little Paris”.

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