Gorgeous Mountains


Mountains are one of the beautiful part of Romania’s nature that is worth seeing.

Whether you choose Bucegi, Apuseni, Fagaras, Retezat or other mountain area, each has very impressive tourist attractions to offer.

You will find forests, lakes, rocks, incredible hostels, nice people and stunning landscapes.

Romania is the country always opened with the best views, fresh air, relaxing time, great food and a lot of interesting history around you.

Mountain area brings you close to a fairytale and will charge you with good energy.

We will choose for you from a diversified range of mountain resorts the perfect one where you can see spectacular views, taste our traditional Romanian food and visit our monuments and castles.

Places to visit in Romania


The most attractive places to visit in Romania are Bran Castle which is known as a historical monument located at 30 km from Brasov and the amazing Peles Castle which is located in Sinaia and is covered by art and history.

Bran Castle is known outside Romania with the name of Dracula’s Castle due to the legend.

This castle became known abroad owing to the Irish writer Dracula novel Bram Stoker.

The name Dracula comes from the surnames of Vlad the Impaler’s father, the Dracul, he was the member of the Dragon Order.

This is the one of the most beautiful medieval castle that Romania owns it.

Peles Castle is built by Prince Carol I becoming in time the summer residence  of the romanian Royal Family and in 1953 the Castle is being declared museum.

If you love the nature and high expeditions, our glacial lakes in the mountains are the perfect and also special places to come.

Come and join a great experience in the Romanian Mountains.

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