Seaside and the Beaches


The beaches in Romania is the best option for a summer trip. 

Come and have a great experience with beautiful people and activities on sea that will increase your adrenaline while you will get the perfect tan.

Romania owns many wonderful beach resorts like: Mamaia, Vama Veche, Eforie, Navodari, Neptun and many others.

Summer is always calling you to have unique experiences whether is day or night so the seaside is the best place to earn the best memories.

We will choose the perfect beach that fits perfectly on you: Mamaia or Vama Veche.

If you love spending time surrounded by beautiful people, glamorous parties and festivals and a lot of fun, Mamaia is the perfect place for you.

For romantic hearts we have our romantic beach Vama Veche.


Mamaia Beach is the biggest and known beach in Romania and one of the biggest beach in Europe with a lot of tourists every summer because of its modernization in the past few years that is giving it an occidental air.

With luxury hotels and restaurants, extravagant events and clubs, sensational parties, water parks and recreational areas.

Also this beach seems to be perfect for the lovers of nautic sports, skijet, yachting and scuba diving.

Vama Veche Beach is the place where you can have a holiday with a special feeling of freedom and somehow surrounded by wild nature.

This beach is also famous for the big number of people that are throwing parties and have a nice time around the campfire.

Vama Veche is the resort of peaceful and bohemian people.

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