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    Let our concierge services make the most of your time in Romania – the country always open to life, fun and interesting history written on our gorgeous buildings.


O & G Concierge is based on two friend’s passion for travel and from a big desire to offer the best experience to those who visit their country: Romania.
Whether you are in a business trip or you just wish to visit Romania other than in the classic style, we are expecting you and propose an incursion in everything that our country has to offer: the beauty of nature and views, Romanian traditions and culture (unique in the world!), the original architectural style, seaside and the beaches and also other locations that brings together the glamorous nightlife and entertainment.

O & G Concierge
– a concept based on your passions.



I’ve never been to Romania until a month ago and I wanted to experience all the best that this country has to offer.

O & G Concierge helped me create moments that will last a lifetime, with their great assistance services, offered amazing exclusive access to locations I’ve only dreamt about so far and the very professional staff of O & G Concierge convienced me that a second return to Romania should be on my list of priorities! Thank you for this unbelievable  journey, O & G Concierge!

I’ll definitely turn to your services, soon!

Carla Edwards-Gonzales
Carla Edwards-GonzalesProcurement Manager
Hi, I didn’t have the occasion to say thank you and I was thinking to write it here. So thanks to the O & G team for the nice experience that we had in Bucharest. Romania is such a nice Country and your food is excellent. We enjoyed a lot “sarmale”:)
The nightlife in Bucharest is absolutely amazing and thanks to come with us in the best club.
Thank you guys for your hospitality and organisation. Next time maybe we will stay longer and we can go a bit also to the seaside. This trip for sure couldn’t be better if it wasn’t for you.
Thanks again O & G Concierge!
Patricia Carre
Patricia Carre

Hi O & G Concierge,
We had a wonderful time in Bucharest. We were very happy to visit Romania through you as it was stress free and easyer. The itinerary you put together was impecabile. Thanks for all of your help in getting us the tikets to that DJ was really cool and we apreciated a lot .
You’ ve made our vacantion a pleasant experience with a lot of nice memories that we will share with our family.
And for sure we’ll gonna recommend you to  our friends .
Thanks again!

Lee & Julie B
Lee & Julie B
Our Concierge Services will take care of you and make your holiday a little bit more special ensuring all your comfort and necessities.



Our Concierge Services will take care of you and make your holiday a little bit more special ensuring all your comfort and necessities.
From the simplest desires to the most extravagant, O & G Concierge will have the perfect plan for your trip in Romania.
Restaurant reservations, theatre tickets, museums, sporting or special events, research and organise the perfect parties, private wine tasting.
Not to mention extravagant clubs, romantic sunrises at the beach, remarkable landscapes near by mountains and immeasurable fun.
Through Concierge Services in Romania, you will discover a country that owns the most beautiful people, places to seen, unexpected history and a lot of creative ways to learn something new and have fun.
Depending on what you really want, we will make it happen.

If you are looking for great fun with your best friends, memorable parties surrounded by beautiful people, activities that will increase your adrenaline, this is the perfect place for you.
Bucharest is the land of fun and holds more than 3400 restaurants, bars and nightclubs of different culture and styles.
The streets of Bucharest are written with history, with enormous buildings and palaces like Mogosoaia Palace and beautiful lakes like Herastrau, Cismigiu, Tei that definitely will take your breath.
Old City is one of the most known places to visit as a tourist. Is a delightful combination between the crazy, english style pub’s and very old buildings.
If you are more like a relaxing kind of person and want to discover the rest of our country, be prepared for the unexpected.
Your journey in Romania will begin gracefully thanks to our beautiful cities to visit like: Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, Cluj Napoca, Timisoara, Oradea and many others.
With our help, you and your soul mate will have the perfect private escape.
Luxury hotels, restaurants with good services and spa resorts will spoil you.
Depending on who you are, we will make it happen.
Appealing to our concierge services, will assure you the desired holiday.



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